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    A reduction of "Species" 
    Online paper by Jody Hey,Department of Genetics, Rutgers University. - Konrad Lorenz 
    Short biography of Lorenz focuses on his research into innate animal behavior and his book "On Aggression."
    Against Sociobiology 
    Tom Bethell speculates on what future generations will make of the controversy surrounding human sociobiology.
    Animal behavior and sociobiology courses 
    Research and teaching in animal and human behavior by Dr. Paul J. Watson, University of New Mexico and Flathead Lake Biological, Montana. Field courses, graduate and independent study student supervision, and workshops.
    Archive site for Kenan Malik 
    Essays, papers, lectures and reviews on Darwinism, evolutionary psychology, race, philosophy and history. Also extracts from Kenan Malik's books 'Man, Beast and Zombie' and 'What is it to be Human?'.
    Archives of mailing list "Discussing the Evolutionary Approach to Human Development."
    Behavioural Ecology Research Group, Oxford 
    Research group studying animal learning, memory, and decision-making, using experimental psychology and evolutionary biology as tools. Department of Zoology, University of Oxford.
    Department of Zoology II 
    Sociobiology and Ethology site, featuring research on the evolution of altruistic behavior of insects. University of Würzburg.
    Digit Ratio: A Pointer to Fertility, Behavior and Health by John T. Manning 
    Michael Mills examines the claim that digit ratio allows us infer whether an individual is likely to have homosexual inclinations, be highly fertile, may eventually suffer from a heart attack or breast cancer, have musical aptitude or sporting prowes
    Exorcising Sociobiology 
    Biologist Paul Gross on the relationship between sociobiology and recent scandals in anthropology.
    Great Ideas in Personality--Evolutionary Psychology 
    Includes links to research papers, web sites, and other reference sources.
    Human Genetics for the Social Sciences 
    Text, figures, and learning exercises in human behavioral genetics
    International Society for Humanethology (ISHE) 
    Scholarly organization for sociobiologists, ethologists, and evolutionary psychologists. Includes links, archive, forum, and forthcoming conference calendar.
    Kin Selection: A Critical Review 
    Article published in the Journal of Comparative Biology discusses issues related to Kin Selection theory.
    Mary Midgley Webpage 
    A very thorough site, containing links to many full-text articles, on the long-standing critic of evolutionary psychology and sociobiology.
    Mechanism of Sperm Competition in Birds 
    Abstract of American Scientist article discussing extra-pair mating strategies.
    Smithsonian Magazine - What's for Dinner? 
    Photographer Peter Menzel posed the Natomos, the Cavens and five other "statistically average" families with the food they eat in a week.
    Social caterpillars 
    The site deals with the evolution, ecology, and social behavior of caterpillar societies.
    Summary and criticism of Philip Kitcher's and R. C. Lewontin's ideas.
    Explains major concepts of Sociobiology, including Ethology, Evolution, Attraction, Sexual Dimorphism, Imprinting, Kin Selection, Reciprocal Altruism, and Dominance Hierarchies. Contrasts the roles of Sociobiology and Culture.
    Sociobiology: The New Religion 
    Dr. Richard J. Blackwell Department of Philosophy St. Louis University. This paper was presented at the ITEST Conference on The State of the Art in March, 1980. Dr. Blackwell is well versed in the philosophy of science and has written many papers on
    Springer LINK: Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 
    Tables of contents and article abstracts from this Springer-Verlag journal. Complete article texts are available in PDF format to print subscribers.
    The Desmond Morris Information Page 
    Zoologist/anthropologist studying the evolutionary origins of human behavior.
    The Importance of Being Flashy 
    Article from International Wildlife Magazine discusses exaggerated ornamentation as an indicator of reproductive fitness.
    The Purpose of Life 
    The Purpose of Life is summarised. This is a book on the philosophy of values and ethics from a viewpoint of evolution or sociobiology.
    The Pythagorean Perspective: The Arts and Sociobiology 
    A paper exploring the idea that cultural evolution is a manifestation of biological evolution.
    William Hamilton 
    Obituary for the evolutionary biologist who explained how selfish genes could produce altruism.