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    20th Annual Avios Conference Announces Best Of Show Awards 
    Winners of the Best of Show competition at 2001 Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) Conference and the winners of the Best Paper awards.
    Advanced Technology and Research 
    Markets a variety of speech products for industry including voiceprint, text to speech and airport security systems. Good online text to speech demo.
    Advanced Text To Speech Converter 
    Batch converts text documents, Word files, web sites to spoken audio files (.wav or mp3).
    Analogue Speech Synthesizers 
    Comprehensive site reviewing Vocoders and musical chorus synthesizers by EMS, Moog, Roland, Korg, Electro Harmonics etc, talking chips (Votrax, TI) and speech recognition hardware. Information site rather than sales.
    AT&T Natural Voices 
    AT&T Labs Natural Voices featuring a line of speech synthesis products. Demos on the site.
    Babel Techonologies 
    Multilingual text to speech technologies for telecom, embedded and multimedia applications. Available in 17 languages.
    Bell Labs Text-to-Speech 
    Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesis demo.
    CalSoft - White Paper 
    Brief exploration of the issues of voice enabled application building in enterprises.
    Cepstral Speech Synthesis 
    Small footprint text-to-speech synthesis suitable for mobile, handheld, and wearable computers. Provides a variety of voices and accents. Effective on line demo of speech quality.
    CompSpeak 2050 
    Institute for the Study of Talking Computers and Oral Culture. The Institute's mission is to study the social, cultural, and philosophical implications of talking computers and voice recognition technology. Site taking orders for a pre-publishing boo
    CSLU Speech Synthesis 
    Center for speech synthesis research, with demos and downloads available. Has a singing voice synthesis project.
    DEMOSTHeNES Speech Composer 
    A general-purpose multilingual and polyglot software text-to-speech (TTS) system that supports the Greek language using a wide variety of e-text sources. Free download has an open and component based architecture allowing flexibility, customization a
    Desktop Text to Speech Utility 
    CyberBuddy - a freeware utility program that uses MicroSoft Agents to do Instant Messaging with speech and animation, reminders, time of day, check email, news reports, weather, stock quotes, text reading, and ICQ status reporting.
    Digalo TTS engine 
    Text-To-Speech engine for Microsoft Agent and SAPI compliant applications. Available in 7 languages (French, German, Spanish, US English, British, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese). Download free trial.
    Develops applications and systems that support the Greek language. Current products include a series of high quality Text-to-Speech products for the telecommunications and multimedia market.
    Unusual text-to-speech synthesis offerings including name pronunciation software for speech recognition dictionaries and other custom applications.
    Elan Speech 
    Elan Speech, dedicated global provider of text-to-speech (TTS) technologies for telecommunications, multimedia, embedded systems and mobile solutions, Provides 2 ranges of speech synthesis technologies for high quality and low footprint requirements.
    ESOPOS-Greek TTS 
    An unusual downloadable program for Win 95/98 that does Greek text-to-speech processing.
    Fonix Corporation 
    Text-to-speech vendor with demo. Free clock application download for PC.
    Fonix SpeakThis 
    Subscription service that lets you add speech to your website using automatically generated HTML you paste into your pages. Support for many voices and languages.
    FreeTTS - Java speech synthesis 
    A speech synthesis system written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language. Based upon Flite: a smallrun-time speech synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon University and derived from the Festival Speech Synthesis System from the Univers
    French speech synthesis 
    LAIPTTS is a high-quality speech synthesis for French. Freely downloadable for non-commercial purposes. Small footprint of 350k. Online synthesis demo.
    German speech synthesis 
    Speech synthesis group at the IMS, University of Stuttgart, Germany: Online demo, speaking metro information system, various speech synthesis example sand some downloads. Research is concentrating on getting good prosidy (inflection).
    InfoQuick Software Technology Corp. 
    Focus on speech technology research and development in Chinese language, including TTS and ASR.
    Infovox Synthetic Speech 
    Text to speech for American and British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic. Interfaces for MS Windows, Dos, Apple Mac.
    Java Applet for Speech Synthesis 
    Java applet/software for speech synthesis using the concatenation method. Currently developing formant synthesis version.
    Text to speech system converts any readable computer text into speech and MP3 files. Free online demo.
    Key2Speak uses speech synthesis technology to read aloud what you type, as you type it. For Microsoft Windows.
    Sells FlexVoice (TM), a text-to-speech (TTS) engine. Online demo shows good prosidy.
    NeXTeNS: Text-to-Speech for Dutch 
    The NeXTeNS project aims at developing a modern, clean, multi-platform, open source text-to-speech system for Dutch that is freely available for research and education purposes using Mbrola and Festival components. Initiated by University of Nijmegen
    RC Systems 
    Text to speech synthesis products. Boards, modules, and chips. Downloadable data sheets and product information.
    Reading Machine 
    Reads text aloud using text-to-speech, converts text into mp3/wave files for use with any cd player or mp3 player. Extracts text from one web page or whole web sites. Text is automatically organized into books and chapters for later use. Gives con
    Text-to-speech software for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP. Freeware and commercial versions.
    Rhetorical Systems 
    Builds high-quality voices, which in many applications are indistinguishable from the real voices on which they are modeled. The core product, rVoice, has a wide range of synthesized voices including several regional accents and speaking styles. Impr
    Speech recognition and synthesis software company, particularly Russian language.
    Sayz Me 
    An open-source text-to-speech application for Windows. Uses Microsoft speech API.
    Smart Butler 
    Add-on for instant messenger programs that enables users to listen to incoming messages without reading them.
    Spanish TTS Systems for Windows 
    Extracts text from one web page or whole web sites. Text is automatically organized into books and chapters for later use. Gives control over the voice and text cleanup.
    Speech and Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. 
    One of India's global IT services and product-engineering companies, providing a wide range of speech-based IT solutions such as automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, computer telephony, IVR, speaker verification and a version of IB
    Speech Synthesis Markup Language 
    The current version of the (draft) proposal for an XML-based Speech Synthesis Markup Language, as part of the W3C's Speech Interface Framework. This is an industry standard in the making.
    Danish company selling Danish natural language text-to-speech and speech recognition products.
    Speechworks Speechify TTS 
    Speechworks have commercialised the AT&T speech synthesis system. For serious industrial developers.
    SVOX Interactive Text to Speech Demo 
    Makes an .au file of German (only) text typed at web site.
    The Festvox Project 
    Free software tools and documentation for building new speech synthesis voices in English and other languages. From Carnegie Mellon.
    Multi-lingual text to speech synthesis. Free multi platform software download for research purposes.
    The Reader 
    Multilingual text reader using Microsoft Agent and Lernout & Hauspie core components. Download software from site. Demo available.
    TTS Update 
    Provides side by side audio samples of various commercial text-to-speech synthesis technology vendors as well as state of the art commentary.
    Site provides a way to capture the text of any other arbitrary site URL and read it to you via RealAudio technology. A work in progress.
    Web Site Speech Plug-in 
    Site provides a free, cross platform (Windows and MacOS), cross browser (Netscape and IE) plug-in that gives web sites the ability to talk by transforming text to speech.
    Web Synthesizer 
    The Archangelis lightweight plugin produces speech along with web surfing. Free download.
    Your Prompts 
    Sells custome tuned voice prompts for various applications using the ATT Natural Voice Engine.