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    "Labors of Love" 
    a screwball comedy that tracks the fate of one downsized Harry Smith who searches for the perfect job ... only to find the meaning of work. Published by Cottage E-Books.
    @Work on the web 
    The range of alternative work concepts is altogether insufficient. This independent, international co-operative program seeks to identify non-traditional insights, packages, architectures and implementation strategies.
    An alein's view of life on earth 
    Advertising, globalization, immigration, and corporations induce us to work too much to the detriment of family life, and combined with genetic engineering this urge to produce more could result in humans becoming almost robotic workers.
    Are You Happy with your Job? 
    Considering that most of us spend half of our waking hours working at a job, it might really serve to pay attention to ones level of job satisfaction.
    CBC Newsonline Special Feature: The Way We Work 
    Interactive media site examining changing trends in the workworld and the impact on Canadians. Includes features on freelancing, changing work hours, unemployment and looking for work, work vs life and work culture. Articles, real audio and real vide
    CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery 
    Nonprofit educational, support and political advocacy group, as well as a resource clearinghouse, started by "Generation-X" people who share an interest in working together to generate viable alternatives to wage slavery.
    Downsized People: Job Subsidies vs Income Supports 
    Analyzes the Disguised Unemployment Problem. Argues that downsizing and job subsidy proposals are wasteful, and squander an opportunity for root reform. Presents the case for income supports, and the partial separation of incomes from current employm
    Fisher Vista 
    A marketing and PR firm focusing exclusively on the human resources industry with particular emphasis on work/life, EAP and related services.
    Online journal about new ways of working.
    Less - how to get less what you dislike 
    Online archives of Less, a free email newsletter designed to improve the quality of your life and the balance between work and the rest of your life.
    NESARA-National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act 
    Site promoting legislation providing monetary and fiscal policy reform. Advocates claim that it will double the standard of living for every American within one generation and restore economic and social prosperity across the land.
    New Ways to Work 
    A charity offering information and consultancy to individuals, trade unions and companies. News, resources, events, contact details, membership details, links.
    PBS Work and Labor Series: 'Livelihood' 
    Companion site to the PBS series on work. Come share your thoughts, frustrations, and solutions to "The Workday that Wouldn't Die." Plus, learn about alternative work schedules and compelling discussions on the workday.
    Soul of Work 
    A self help book on how to achieve motivation in the workplace. Since most waking hours are spent at work, a positive attitude improves the quality of life.
    Technology Making It Worse 
    How the second industrial revolution (miniaturisation and artificial intelligence) is relentlessly stagnating, frightening and impoverishing our community.
    The end of unemployment: bringing work to life 
    Summary of a publication by Demos, a British thinktank.
    The Turtle Syndrome - The Mobility of Everyday Life 
    Mobility - both physical and social is enhanced by new transportation and communications technologies and by the new media. The emergence of alternative patterns of work are the result.
    The Work Foundation 
    Research, practical consultancy and constructive advocacy to make workplaces more effective, more successful and more fulfilling.
    Third Age Careers and Avocations 
    Rethinking work for a new life stage? New forms of work such as mentoring can be very rewarding. Includes ideas and links.
    Virtual management - long distance teams 
    How to make teams work better over long distances using new technology to increase efficiency and reduce travel costs. Features, videos and slides by Fuurist Dr Patrick Dixon.
    Wastrel Division 
    Rethinking the balance between our work and personal life. Links, books, and computing.
    Work, Retire & Die? There Must Be More To Life Than This! 
    A website based on the book Ishmael by Michael Quinn which questions why we work hard to retire when we are old. In-depth reading to find the solution to the problem.