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A Video Laboratory Exercise in Physiology with Data Readout 
Producers and suppliers of video lab exercises that deal with Frog Skeletal Muscle, The Cardiac Cycle of the Turtle, The Human Electrocardiogram, Pulse Wave and Phonocardiogram and The Nerve Impulse.
Actinomycetes and Streptomyces Resource Center 
Resource links to antibody synthesis and genome information. Includes a forum board.
Association for Gnotobiotics 
Production, maintenance, distribution, and use of germfree animal strains for studying infectious disease.
A collection of internet resources which one may consult when working in the bio-lab.
BioProtocol, Inc. 
Quality life science protocols for free: Molecular biology, neurobiology, developmental biology, cell biology, microbiology, plant biology, and biochemistry. 
Directory of protocols, journals and forums in many areas of biology. 
Comprehensive collection of lab troubleshooting resources, newsgroups and protocols in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, genetics and biochemistry.
Cell Biology Lab - Tissue Culture Methods 
Provides a brief list of links of importance to the cell culturist. General methods for culture of cell and tissue lines. Links to descriptions of specific cell lines and websites of suppliers. Maintained by the University of New South Wales Schoo
Cytometry Information by Purdue University 
Links to related journals, webpages, college courses offered, equipment suppliers and educational tools. Includes search engines to look up published medical material.
Flow Cytometry on the Web 
Listing of WWW resources devoted to flow cytometry.
Intracellular Staining using Flow Cytometry 
Used to analyze suspensions regarding to size, surface and intracellular phenotype.
iProtocol for Bioscience 
Real-time database for researchers to share protocols used in nearly all biological disciplines - from M.I.T.
Methods and Protocols 
A collection of links to protocols used in biosciences.
Methods Finder 
Database of life science protocols from journals, patents, meetings, and websites., Tools for Science 
Tools and news for molecular biologists. Includes genome databases, list of suppliers, lab protocols and links for job seekers.
Protocol Online - Your Lab's Reference Book 
Directory of research protocols in a variety of bioscience fields. Also hosts discipline-specific discussion forums.
Surgery Research 
Provides protocols for techniques used in surgical research including tissue engineering, northern blotting, DNA microarrays, etc.
The Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group Immunology Consensus Methods 
List documents of protocols describing clinical techniques specific to AIDS-related immunology research. These documents will eventually be included in the ACTG Immunology Laboratory Manual.
The Answers for All of Your Laboratory Dialysis Questions 
Bulletin board for the discussion of laboratory dialysis methods and apparatus.
Tissue Culture Methods 
Describes the equipment and work space requirements for cell and tissue culture. Also details cryopreservation, maintenance and media prep procedures. Important safety considerations are addressed.