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Balance on a Budget 
Quick, healthy weekly menus of low-cost meals. Registration required.
Busy Cooks at 
For those who want to provide great meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.
Chez Eric 
Quick recipes, tips, and tricks.
Cooking By Numbers 
Selecting ingredients desired will yield a selection of recipes with cooking instructions.
Cooking Low-fat 
Quick and easy recipes for low fat cooking. Free weekly updates.
Cooking Off The Cuff 
Small selection of simple and fast recipes.
Cuisine for Fun 
Easy to prepare recipes with photos.
Easy Cooking for Busy People 
All recipes take 10 minutes to one hour. Some with oriental flavors.
Easy Skillet Recipes 
Fast and easy skillet meals, and a few desserts. 
Wacky food stories and easy recipes.
Jon's Recipes 
Quick recipes for world cuisine with color photos.
Karen's Country Kitchen 
Simple recipes and hints for busy cooks.
Michelle's Kitchen 
Small collection of recipes for quick and easy soups, casseroles, appetizers, and snacks.
Mom's Cooking 
Quick and easy recipes along with tips for shopping, preparation and entertaining on a budget.
Premiere Cuisine 
Quick and easy recipes. Entrees, side dishes, dips, salads, and desserts. Low-fat suggestions and recipes available.
Queen Can-ivore's Too Easy Recipes 
Easy and quick recipes using packaged and/or five or less ingredients; updated weekly.
Quick -N- Easy from Razzle Dazzle Recipes 
Entrees, side dishes, dips, salads, and desserts. Recipes to help get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less.
Quick and Healthy Recipes 
Search through iVillage for recipes requiring under 5 ingredients, and take less than 20 minutes to make.
Quick and Healthy Recipes at 
Complete menus for home cooked meals you can prepare in 20 minutes. Recipes change weekly. Free weekly newsletter.
Quick Cooking Recipes 
Several delicious dinner ideas that can be prepared within an hour.
Quick Meals from Leftovers 
A compilation of recipes for complete, healthy, inexpensive meals using leftover main dishes and vegetables.
Quick Recipes at 
Particularly good recipes for anyone on a tight budget, with even less time. Geared towards students.
Recipes for Dinner in an Instant at 
Includes recipes for quick and delicious meals, updated every Friday. The "advanced" search feature allows you to search for recipes based on what you have in your pantry. 
Portal with recipes, health information and links.
Terri's Kitchen 
Quick & easy recipes, handy tips & tools, hosting a Show in Hartford area & north central Connecticut.
The Practical Pantry 
From speedy desserts to hearty main dishes.
Time Trimmers 
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, kids meals, dip and dessert recipes.
Time-Saving Entrees for the Working Woman 
Time-saving recipes for breads, casseroles, desserts, meats, stir-fry, and vegetable dishes. Very little preparation is required. Cooking times vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
Toaster Oven Cooking 
Janey-T's Toaster Oven Recipes contains wonderful recipes, most taking less than thirty minutes to prepare.
Virginia's Kitchen 
Quick, convenient recipes, including turkey chili and artichoke pasta.
What's For Dinner Tonight 
Free recipes you can make quickly and easily, sent right to your computer, 5 days a week.
What'z Cookin' 
A collection of recipes from appetizers to desserts.
Working Moms' Internet Refuge 
A collection of quick, easy, and healthy recipes for busy parents.