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    Alaska Seafood 
    Recipes for quantity seafood preparation. Food Service 
    Provides food service recipes in down load formats.
    Apricot Foodservice Size Recipes 
    A handfull of recipes designed for large groups or crowds.
    Buttered Carrots 
    Two recipes included, one for feeding 6-8 people and one for feeding 250 people. Other ingredients include white wine, currants, and dates.
    Dayle's Growlies for Groups 
    Large quantity recipes for groups, parties, freezing ahead, buffet table, food amounts to serve 100.
    Food Service Resource List Meal Planning & Preparation 
    United States Department of Agriculture listing of some available publications.
    Foodservice Recipes 
    Recipes utilizing soyfoods for foodservice professionals. Includes preparation instructions and nutritional information. From The United Soybean Board.
    Freezing Prepared Foods 
    This factsheet from Clemson University provides information on safe preparation, thawing and serving, storage times and information on foods that do not freeze well.
    Healthwise Quantity Cookbook 
    Recipes for sides, soups, entrees, and baking in quantity.
    Link Culinaire Recipes 
    A large index of chef recipes designed for restaurant use and large crowds. Recipes and Cooking 
    A selection of foodservice recipes using potatoes.
    Recipes from Challenge II 
    Fifteen recipes to serve 50 to 100 people, from the USDA.
    Recipes to Serve 50 
    Includes breakfasts, baked goods, desserts, appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, chicken, vegetarian, meat and fish dishes.
    RecipeSource: Serves 100 
    A chart to calculate how much food is needed to serve 100 people. 
    Recipes for professional chefs. Yields are for foodservice applications.