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ACE: Artificial Conversation Entity 
Free download which receives input from a microphone and responds, either by voice output or executing Windows system command. Powered by the ALICE conversation engine and MS SAPI 5.1.
Assistive Speech Technology Research Labs 
Minnesota based research startup. Exploring possibilities for people with disabilities through the research of speech technology.
The Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) is a research group dedicated to "real world" applications using speech technology.
Cassette of Phonetic Sounds 
For speech researchers interested in a standard for phonetic sounds. From University College of London.
Centre for Speech Technology Research 
A multidisciplinary research centre that undertakes application-oriented speech research mainly in the areas of speech recognition and synthesis. Has implemented useful software, like the Festival speech synthesis system. Interested in collaborating
Conversational Computer - Air Flights - Pegasus 
An MIT Spoken Language Systems research project which gives airplane flight arrival times in response to voice inquiries. Toll free number listed at site.
Conversational Computer - Weather - Jupiter 
An MIT Spoken Language Systems research project which gives the weather in 500+ worldwide cities in response to voice inquiries. Toll free number listed at site.
Conversational Computers - Potpourri 
The complete collection of MIT Spoken Language Systems Group conversational computers including ones that tell you about Boston area restaurants, Boston traffic conditions, automobile claasified ads, air flight prices etc.
Greek Dictation 
From the Speech Recognition Group of the Technical University of Crete. Work in progress.
IHear Machine Hearing Research 
Services, products and information to enable hearing in machines. Includes some demos and details of models of complex sound pattern recognition.
International Phonetic Association 
Provides the academic community world-wide with a notational standard for the phonetic representation of all languages: the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Media Analyzer 
Carl Verner Skou markets a Windows based research tool, Qualitative Media Analyze, that helps tabulate occurrences of phrases and themes in audio and video file formats avoiding the need for manual transcription.
Microsoft Speech Technology Group 
Engages in research and development of speech technologies in a wide range of applications, including speech recognition (Whisper) and speech synthesis (Whistler) and Dr. Who.
Multi-modal Input - White Paper 
Outlines the opportunities to synergistically integrate physical and spoken input.
National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources 
Boston University resource for experimantal and analyzed data (especially from native signers of ASL) to facilitate linguistic and computational research on signed languages and the gestural components of spoken languages.
"Negotiating through SPOken Language in E-commerce" project aims at contributing to the promotion of economic growth in the e-commerce and e-service area by improving speech to speech translation systems. Italian based research project has
Pfstar Project 
European research consortium investigating multisensorial interaction. Two year project examining technologies for speech-to-speech translation, the detection and expressions of emotional states, and core speech technologies for children begins Oct 2
Russian Speech Database 
Russian firm offering a large collection of .wav files containing Russian speaker samples on CD. Useful for voice and speech recognition research.
Scientific American -August 1999 Feature Article: "Talking with your comput 
State of the art "Oxygen" project at MIT. Overview of the latest attempts to have useful conversations with a computer.
An unusual method of composing text by speech using shorthand command structures.
Speech Group ESAT/KULeuven Belgium 
Site of the Leuven research group on speech technology (speech recognition, speech coding, speech modification, etc.)
Speech Module of an AI Mind 
A design for the speech recognition portion of a robot. Source code and theory.
Speech Processing and Signal Analysis Group FEL CTU 
Czech Technical University research focusing on enhancement of speech in the running car environment, speech recognition and to creating of databases of natural language. Demo available for doing spectral subtraction on your own data.
Speech Synthesis and Emotion 
Doctoral research by Richard Stibbard at the University of Reading, England on emotions in human speech and its applicability to speech synthesis.
Speech Synthesis Papers 
Links to research projects and publications of Alex Monaghan. Esoteric and sometimes homey.
Speech Technology Research Resource List 
List of web sites related to phonetics and speech sciences: meetings, research centers, electronic newsletters, journals and publishers
Speech User Interfaces 
Project is investigating non-visual, speech only user interfaces, especially focusing on how the interface design can make up for errors in recognition. Primarily Finnish lanquage will be used.
Speed of Sound, Inc. 
Performs speech data collection and transcription in order to assist vendors and researchers in the training and evaluation of speech-recognition systems.
Spoken Language Technology at TIFR 
Recognition and synthesis of spoken Indian languages at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Speech workshop scheduled for Jan 2003.
An interesting research tool for displaying voice spectra as recorded in .WAV files.
The Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing 
University of Shefield "Moby" project. A public domain word list for several languages, thesaurus, pronunciation guide and the complete works of Shakespeare
Univ. Of Pennsylvania Speech Resource 
Linguistic Data Consortium - an open consortium of labs, companies and universities. It creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources for speech research and development purposes. Founded by ARPA 1992.
Voice Web Community 
Directory of sites, content, and user groups promoting voice on the web from VoiceXML to SALT.
VoiceXML Italian User Group 
VoiceXML Italian user group site where Italian VoiceXML developers will find and exchange information, solutions, read news and meet other developers and people interested in VoiceXML and Voice & Speech recognition technology. Mixed English/Itali
WASPAA'97 Home page 
IEEE 1997 Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics.