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    2d3D, Inc. 
    Device driver and embedded development.
    alt software 
    An independent software development house specializing in device driver development. Also application programming, games porting, embedded OpenGL and networking.
    Device development tools to build high-quality device drivers for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
    Development device drivers primarily on Windows platforms.
    An integrated set of software tools for developing, debugging, tuning, testing and deploying Windows device drivers bt Compuware.
    I/O Communications module 
    Provides access to devices on a PCs serial and parallel port. (trial version)
    Device driver development including display, audio, communications, digital imaging, telecom, and embedded systems software.
    Ionific Driver Development 
    Professional device driver development for Windows, including audio, network, graphics, custom I/O and USB drivers.
    Provides WinDriver and KernelDriver, device driver development tools, for Windows,Linux,Solaris.
    Kernel Drivers 
    Offers design, implementation and testing custom Windows filesystem and device drivers.
    Matrikon OPC 
    OPC data manager realtime drivers compliant components.
    NT Kernel Resources 
    Windows Packet Filter Kit for developing filtering/modifying communication applications. Also Windows 2000 undocumented kernel structures. Open source TDI firewall.
    OPC Server and Client Toolkit 
    Toolkits and Utilities for developers of OPC servers, clients and diagnostic tools.
    Pulse Train Software Ltd. 
    Custom device driver development and File System filter framework for Windows NT/2000/XP.
    Toolkits, custom development, and training for Windows kernel driver development. Content in German and English.
    A toolkits for real-time direct access to port I/O, physical memory, hardware interrupts from a Win32 application. [Shareware]
    Unified IO 
    C++ interface for industrial IO cards. An alternative to device drivers provided by hardware vendors.
    Programming information for every RAMDAC, EGA, VGA, SVGA, and VESA video card made up to 1995.
    Windows Device Driver Blog 
    A Weblog for the development of Windows Device drivers.