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Der Kürenberger 
Falkenlied (Falcon Song), original and English translation.
Eugen Gomringer 
Four poems by Gomringer, an initiator of "concrete poetry."
German Expressionist Poetry 
Some poetry of the expressionist decade (1910-1920) in English translation: Kurt Schwitters, Wassily Kandinsky, René Schickele, George Grosz and others.
Günter Eich in English Translation 
Eminent contemporary German poet Günter Eich in English translation.
Injektion / Injection, ein Gedicht von / a poem by Walle Sayer 
A poem by Walle Sayer (*1960) in German and English translation, with a link to a short biography.
Jürgen Fuchs 
Small selection of poetry by Jürgen Fuchs (*1950) in German and English translation.
Karl Krolow in English Translation 
Contemporary German poet Karl Krolow in English translation by Stuart Friebert.
Poetry by Anna Boedeker 
Poems by Anna Boedeker in English and German.
Poetry of Hans Raimund 
in German and English translation by David Chorlton. In The Adirondack Review, vol. II, no. 1, 2001.
Project Wittenberg 
Writings of Martin Luther, Paul Gerhardt and other Lutherans in English translation.
Raoul Hausmann 
Sound poetry by and biographical information on Austrian poet Raoul Hausmann.
Rhodes, June 2000 
"Singing Pipes" and other poems by Hellmut Seiler in English translation. Includes a link to a short biography of the author.
This Word Shall Fly 
Poem by Swiss writer Roland Zoss in English translation.
UCT Poetry Web: Uwe Kolbe 
Poem Berlin Anfang Dezember / Berlin Early December by Uwe Kolbe (*1957).
Sound poem by Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948), a leading dadaist poet.