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Absolute Recipes - International 
Collection of international recipes from such countries as Korea, Mexico, China, and Germany.
Alaskan, New Zealand, and Irish Recipes 
Favourite recipes of a big family, spread out across the globe.
BBC Food - Global Cooking 
Cook your way around the world with a range of unusual recipes from five continents. The Recipe Bin 
Large number of recipes indexed by country, including top secret recipes.
Cafe International Recipes 
Dishes from Brazil, The Caribbean, Thailand and The Mediterranean.
Cookery Art 
Rin.Ru offers international recipes ranging from the American to the Uzbek cuisine.
Cooking Around the World 
Various recipes, with special section of Dutch recipes.
Ethnic Food Glossary 
Small glossary covering several cuisines of Asia and others common in Hawaii. 
Grocery offering international recipes - search by course or country.
Etznab's Latino Recipes 
Assorted recipes from the Spanish speaking world with discussion and basic information.
FamilyWeb Cafè 
Online community to share ethnic and traditional family recipes.
FoodWeb: Melting Pot Recipes 
Recipes from a dozen world cuisines, including holiday specials.
Free Recipe Collection 
Gourmet recipes from across the world.
Global Gourmet: Global Destinations 
Profiles of the cuisines of countries and regions with recipes.
Jim's and Al's world recipes, advice, opinions, and forum. Recipes 
Mediterranean and Middle Eastern gourmet recipes offered by online grocery.
International Recipes OnLine 
Exchange group with over 34,000 members in 90 countries offering recipes, a food and wine dictionary, and a bulletin board.
InternationalWoman: Recipes 
Selection of recipes from ten world cuisines.
Larry's Foreign Food Guide 
Small selection of basic Mexican, Italian, and Chinese recipes, with links.
Margarita: Food 
Cooking international food alphabetically: menus from Afghanistan to Argentina, and other international recipes.
Maroon Foodways 
Recipes from several Maroon communities, the descendants of the Africans in the Americas who escaped from slavery.
Old Scrote's Real Food Cookbook 
International recipes for real food, still cooked and eaten in real life and made from ingredients you could grow. 
A collection of tried and tested recipes from around the world showcasing the diversity and variety of global food.
Japanese donburi recipes and New Mexican enchiladas.
Recipes of 'la casa Hassel 
Spicier recipes for salads, soups, side-dishes and supreme main courses from cuisines from Stockholm to Singapore. 
Rice recipes from around the world, as well as information on rice varieties and cooking methods.
Sally's Place: Focus on Ethnic Cuisine 
Serves specials focussing on a specific cuisine, offering historical and cultural background with selected recipes.
Salvatore's Kitchen 
Large number of recipes from African to Thai and from appetizers to wings.
Secret Recipes 
Weekly cooking series lifts the lid on the traditional recipes people cook up in Australian kitchens every day.
Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery 
Recipes from the Maghreb to Indonesia, ranging from small helpings to substantial dishes and from soups to sweets.
Sidwell Friends School: Ethnic Foods 
Selection of world menus with nutrition information and dietary analysis.
Spanish/Latin American Recipes 
A dozen recipes such as Chicken Piccadillo, Sassy Mojo Pork, and Sangria Del Sol.
SPC Fish Recipes 
Ranging from Kokoda (Fijian marinated fish) to Sashimi and Bourbon Tuna.
Sue's Recipe Server 
On-line database with hundreds of recipes from around the world.$1$1
Taste of Wisconsin 
Twenty recipes reflecting the ethnic diversity of Wisconsin, from cookbook author Terese Allen.
The Gumbo Pages: Culinary World Tour 
Favourite recipes from across the world with detailed preparation instructions.
The Gutsy Gourmet 
Large number of nutritious recipes from different world cuisines.
Towanda's Recipe Room 
Ethnic, holiday, kids, crockpot, and dessert recipes, mainly in Mastercook format.
World Recipes 
International recipes collected from around the world, with glossary of cooking terms and ingredients. International Recipes 
Recipes from world cuisines from Algeria to Vietnam.