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    Digital Atlas of Histology 
    Brazilian atlas with high resolution microscopic images, designed for bimedical students and professionals.
    Histology on the WWW 
    Contains links to sites with images, protocols and techniques, and general histology resources.
    Histology World 
    Links, books, mnemonics and information about histology for undergraduate and graduate anatomy, medical, dental, and other health professional students. Includes reviews and recommendations.
    Interactive diagrams of normal human histology. Clicking on an organ opens a pop-up window with a slide of normal tissue.
    Immunohistochemistry - In Situ Hybridization 
    Includes a detailed look at immunoenzyme techniques, immunofluorescence and in situ hybridizations. Contains a photogallery, Discussion Board and related links.
    Internet Atlas of Histology 
    More than 1000 labeled images, with descriptions, practice labs, and quizzes. Created by the UIUC College of Medicine.
    JayDoc HistoWeb 
    A comprehensive histology atlas from the Kansas University Medical Center.
    Laboratory of Histology and Embryology 
    Research focusing on histology, cell biology, microscopy, neurobiology, and stereology. From the University of Oporto, Portugal.
    LUMEN Histology 
    Lesson plans with slides and practicals for the Loyola University Medical Education Network histology course.
    Martindale's Health Science Guide: Anatomy & Histology Center 
    Histology section includes exams, courses, techniques and procedures, and tissue preservation resources.
    National Society for Histotechnology 
    Incorporated in 1974 for the purpose of advancing professional growth, standards, knowledge and performance of histotechnology through continuing and formal education programs.
    Online resource for histotechnologists, with help sheets on staining, preparation, dyes, and safety.
    The Biological Stain Commission 
    Quality control organization for biological dyes and stains. Publications, services, histology links, and protocols are provided.
    UC-Davis Human Microscopic Anatomy 
    Thorough atlas with hyperlinked notes and slides, as well as good organ reviews by slides, study set of slides, and sample quizzes.
    UF College of Medicine Histology Tutorial 
    Comprehensive tutorial in both quiz and review modes, with internal links to slides and an extensive glossary.
    University of Delaware Mammalian Histology 
    Course syllabus and class resources, including microscopic images, ultrastructural images, 3-D models, and labelled diagrams.
    University of Pennsylvania Histology Homepage 
    Slides arranged by tissue or organ types, for non-human mammals and birds. From School of Veterinary Medicine.
    UW Histology Atlas 
    University of Wisconsin Medical School offers several ways to view their information.
    Vanderbilt University Medical School Histology 
    Lesson plans for blood, epithelium, nervous tissues, and salivary glands and exocrine pancreas tissues.