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    Gallery displaying photographs and painting by young and known artists. Located in Hoog Soeren, in the middle of the Netherlands. Includes portfolios, biographies, opening hours, and payment information.
    Dutchhouse Rental 
    A vacation house suitable for families. Biking and hiking opportunities, located near Lunteren.
    Mould-construction technology, prototyping and custom-made machinery. With pictures of previous products.
    Gelderland Development Company GOM 
    The GOM is a regional business development and investment agency. The GOM is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of Gelderland.
    Gelderland Hotel Guide 
    Information on hotels and their service.
    Computer and communication aids for the handicapped.
    Harderwijk Holiday Cottage 
    Holiday cottages suitable for six persons in the center of the Netherlands. With pictures, layout, accommodations and prices. (prices in dutch)
    Informatioan about the village Hoenderlo on the Veluwe.
    Huissens Mannenkoor 
    Short information on this choir and online music. (mostly in Dutch)
    Kooltrans bv 
    A national and international transport and expedition company, specialised in transport of goods by road, of complete as well as partial loads by tilt trailers.
    Nijmegen Online 
    Short information for tourists.
    Simonis Buunk 
    Art dealers, offers information on sales, restoration and valuation of Dutch paintings. Located in Ede.
    World Art Foundation 
    Offers the biggest European collection of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, workshops, exhibitions, and artists.