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    Annosoft Lipsync Toolkit 
    Offers speech tools SDK for building automatic realtime animation lipsync, closed captioning and annotation applications. Clever downloadable demo animation lipsyncs to your microphone speech or .WAV files.
    Audio Search SDK 
    Compure develops software technologies to analyze audio. Products: Speak&Find to search for words or phrases (audio mining); ACTNow to detect music, jingles, advertisings, speakers; CoolRec to capture and manage audio data.
    Audium Corporation 
    Provider of dynamic voice applications integrating VoiceXML, speech recognition, and business logic. Free trial of Voice Foundation Classes available for download.
    CSLU Toolkit 
    A comprehensive suite of tools to enable exploration, learning, and research into speech and human-computer interaction. Very impressive, includes facial animation.
    Real-time application generator for unified messaging systems; supports TAPI, SAPI, sharing information between SQL-databases, emails, web-pages, phones, pagers. Allows development of CTI applications.
    Engineered Station 
    Pakistani Electrical Engineer offers basic level of information for implementing speech enabled applications using TAPI, MAPI and WAPI. A starter site for students and beginners.
    Gamer's Voice Commands and Macros 
    Shoot, a speech recognition program that emulates arbitrary keystrokes based on voice commands issued by the user. For controlling games etc. Win 98 and higher.
    HTK3 - Hidden Markov Toolkit 
    Development and distribution site for HTK3, a hidden markov toolkit designed for speech recognition. HTK3 is available for free download as C source. Used at hundreds of research sites world wide.
    IBM ViaVoice SDK 
    ViaVoice speech recognition (ASR) SDK available here. Also included in RedHat Linux 6.0 (see Application CD). SDK for several platforms.
    Interactive Speech Technologies 
    Provides free plugin for website designers which allows visitors to surf the site by voice.
    Lyrebird Technologies 
    Sells Lyrebird, a graphical development environment that enables non-speech developers to build natural language speech recognition applications using artificial intelligence (AI) processes.
    Natlantech develops and distributes software for speech analysis, speech recogniion and Natural Language processing.
    Nellymoser, Inc. 
    Specializes in speech and audio technologies for wired and wireless networks. Variety of image, speech, motion and pattern recognition SDK's.
    NeuVoice Ltd 
    Provides a high-accuracy, small foot-print and noise-robust speech recognition systems, ideal for command and control in noisy environments especially mobile and hand held devices.
    PhantomSpeech is a speech engine independent TTS component built on the COM specification providing the same set of APIs for accessing any speech engine. An attempt to provide a universal standard for Text to Speech conversions. Free download.
    Programming by Speech Recognition 
    Tools for writing and editing code in C++ and similar languages with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software.
    Simplified Speech Toolkit for the Web 
    Information, software, and support for developing applications, web or otherwise, that you talk with using speech recognition and speech synthesis from Chant Inc.
    Speak To Mail 
    Software and hardware allowing for speech interaction with email software packages such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger etc.
    SpeakMed - Medical Vocabularies 
    Special medical vocabularies for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Support US, British, Indian and SE Asian accents.
    Speech Filing System - Tools for Speech Research 
    SFS provides a computing environment for conducting research into the nature of speech. It comprises free software tools; special file and data formats; subroutine libraries for I/O, signal processing and graphics; use and documentation standards; an
    Speech Recognition Kit 
    Sensory, Inc. provides low-cost speech recognition technologies for consumer products for the embedded speech recognition market and also offers a software solution for DSPs and microcontrollers.
    SpeechStudio Suite 
    A software toolset to develop, test, refine, deploy and maintain a speech recognition interface on Microsoft Windows (SAPI 5.0). Takes much of the difficulty and detail out of programming at the API level.
    TalkSoft Corporation 
    TalkSoft provides speech recognition software for embedded applications, such as hand-held devices with voice user interfaces. Software-only engine performs speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition in real time for Windows, Windows CE, Linu
    Producer of a voice application toolkit that aims to be easy to use and quick to deploy.
    Voice Web Studio 
    SALT development tool for creating multimodal and speech-enabled accessibile web sites compatible with Dreamweaver MX.
    VoiceClient is a speech enabled eMail solution based on VoiceXML. Due to VoiceXML and in contrast to Unified Messaging Solutions the VoiceClient can be easily integrated into open speech environments and existing messaging solutions.
    Swedish company which develops and licenses a general-purpose software platform, Intelligent Speech Interfaces (TM), involving speech recognition, natural language understanding, and high-quality audio feedback. Targets a wide array of applications r
    Wizzard Software Corp. 
    Speech recognition tools, packages and consulting services including a desktop Interactive Voice Assistant.