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Acoustic Magic 
Makes "far-field" desktop microphone array products for speech recognition and recording in clean and noisy environments.
Andrea Electronics Corporation 
Makes (Active Design) noise cancellation microphones used in Internet/Intranet, PC voice-computing, telecommunications and military applications. Certified for Windows 95/98. Latest DSDA microphone works at a distance (you don't wear it on your head)
Audio and Video Capture for Win9x 
Sells a variety of audio, video, streaming media, video, video on demand, media encoding, live broadcast hardware primarily for Microsoft platforms.
CMOS Chips for Speech 
Specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing digital audio products for a variety of applications. Based in Taipei, Taiwan with branch offices in the United States and China.
Ectaco Voice Universal Translator 
Uses speech recognition to translate and speak across English, French, German and Spanish. Company also sells the software to do the same on a Pocket PC.
Epigon Audiocare 
Develops audio and speech DSP processors primarily for consumer market. Based in India.
Extell Technology 
Provides noise robust and low-cost ICs and embedded system solutions for speech recognition.
Fulcrum Voice Technologies 
A leading UK noise cancellation and speech technology specialist. Special techniques for removing sirens, automotive noise etc.
Handheld Recorder for Dictation 
Olympus makes the D1000 and the newer D150 Digital Voice Recorders which can be used for off line recording with subsequent transcription by computer using various speech to text software. D150 supported by IBM ViaVoice, Lernout & Hauspie and can
Humanity-Oriented Technology Corp. 
Manufacturer of voice-activated remote controls, voice-dialing hands free kits, voice-dialing carkits, voice-indexed phone book & auto dialer, PC voice commander, voice-operated wireless keyboard.
Lightweight Headset Microphones 
Emkay Products manufactures a new line of very light weight headset microphones as well as RF wireless and infrared wireless types.
Integrated hardware solution enabling audio to be captured, optimized and broadcast for streaming over the Internet. Hardware provides optimization for all Internet streaming audio applications.
Microphone Specialist 
Sells a wide variety of microphones, including wireless types, for speech recognition, voice command, and call centers. Does microphone testing and recommends those which give the best results.
Provides latest in speech recognition microphones including USB. Also has short reviews of microphones.
Midia CT 
Midia CT is an Intel Affiliate Distributor and provider of speech processing hardware utilizing the Intel Dialogic CSP engine. Not viewable with Netscape 4.x.
Provides analog hand held voice recognition recorders for medical professionals. 
Online resource for Plantronics headsets and accessories, for office and personal use. 
Offers both analogue and digital dictation systems, with most orders despatched on a same day basis. Glasgow based.
Quikscribe Transcription System 
PC based, digital dictation and transcription software - Win 95, 98, 2000 & NT compatible
Safa Media Co., Ltd. 
Korean based company. Designs and produces USB Digital IC Voice Recorders and software.
SKC Communication Products 
Analog and digital PC headsets to connect to soundcards or USB ports. Other audio and video conferencing aids.
Sounds In Silicon 
Speech/audio message storage and messaging, for alarms, vending machines and industrial applications.
Real-time audio spectrum analysis using a Windows sound card. Performs spectral analysis on vocals, line input, or wav files.
Speech Technology Circuit Boards 
Builds circuits and boards using voice/speech technology. Can make "canned" messages or text-to-speech designs. Boards can be event driven (alarms, push button, etc.)
Start Stop Transcription and Dictation Foot Pedals 
HTH Engineering provides PC-based digital dictation and transcription foot pedal systems and software for medical transcription, dictation, and digital voice recording.
Telex Computer Audio 
Makes (Passive Design) noise cancelling microphones for computer dictation, speech recognition, video conferencing, etc. Site has an interesting paper (1997) on how "noise cancelling" microphones work and a comparison with Andrea (Active De
The Headset Guy 
Plantronics online sales site for noise cancelling and other types of microphones and headsets.
The Place for Watson Cards 
Company buys and sells what some people would refer to as "obsolete" technology - the Voice Cards/Telephony Cards formerly produced by Natural MicroSystems. Why? Because these cards and the software written for them are still very serviceab
United TBD 
Specializes in manufacturing and selling a variety of digital voice recorders with various functions for USB and serial ports.
Unusual Mike Supplier 
Manufactures "Buddy" microphones for speech recognition. Buddy microphones work with palm recorders giving them noise cancellation properties otherwise missing in those units and also with sound cards and USB port to provide noise free sou
A Pan European voice recording and customer contact solutions specialist. Distributor and maintainer for Electrodata's voice recording platforms.
Voice Synthesizer Chip Set 
DoubleTalk RC8650 Text to speech / voice synthesizer chip set is low overhead design. Development kit available.
VXI Corporation 
A leading manufacturer of precision computer headsets and microphones for voice recognition, internet telephony, speech recognition, call center and multimedia computing applications. VXI's products include Parrott, Iparrott and USB Parrott, Voice It