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Bibliography: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases 
A bibliography of KDD research from a Computer Science perspective. Links are provided to almost every paper, most of which are seminal.
Data Mining Group 
Data Mining group in the Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) at Kansas State University
Goldridge Strategic Landscapes 
Visualize complex market relationships based on real-time market data contained in Goldridge databases to which clients subscribe.
Information Discovery, Inc. 
Knowledge Access Suite. Relevant patterns in data are automatically pre-mined into a pattern warehouse for business users.
KD Central 
Portal features links to theory, articles, guides, tools, consultants, and companies.
KD Nuggets Tool Links 
Tools for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Comprehensive list of tools with Internet Links.
Knowledge Discovery In Databases: Tools and Techniques 
Article by Peggy Wright that presents the results of a literature survey outlining the state-of-the-art in KDD techniques and tools.
Knowmadic Inc. 
Provides web automation solutions by 'driving' the browser. Applications in B2B integration, web automation, content aggregation, data warehousing, and data mining browser helpers.
Megaputer Intelligence 
Data, text, and web mining software. PolyAnalyst includes in-place mining, strong Microsoft integration.
Mining Customer Data 
By Gary Saarenvirta. A step-by-step look at a powerful clustering and segmentation methodology.
Dorian Pyle, author of "Data Preparation for Data Mining", provides resources on data mining, business modeling, and analytical CRM, including: articles, White Papers, downloads, books, information on courses and consulting, extensive links
Net Perceptions 
Real-time relationship marketing and personalization, integrating high-scale data mining, analytic, and recommendation technologies with a direct conduit to action.
Nonlinear Thinking 
A thought process that offers simple solutions within complexity reducing the dependence on experts, consultants and external resources. Features articles and tips for discovering novel solutions to recurring problems.
Psybertron Knowledge Modelling Weblog 
What, Why and How do we Know ? Research into models for knowledge management in business organisation decision support. (Supersedes Ian's Knowledge Modelling Weblog)
Second Moment 
The news and business resource for applied analytics. Powerful content weblog mixing articles, commentary, technique and critique of the intersection of academic KD research and the directed KD of corporations.
The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value 
White paper on the Deep Web, an area of the Internet 550 times larger than the surface web crawled by traditional search engines.
UCI Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive 
An online repository of large datasets which encompasses a wide variety of data types, analysis tasks, and application areas. The primary role of this repository is to serve as a benchmark testbed to enable researchers in knowledge discovery and dat
Web Mining for Knowledge Discovery 
Firm offers services mining, analyzing and transforming raw data into meaningful information. Features company profile, description of services and contact details.