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    Butterworth-Heinemann Knowledge Management 
    Publishes books on knowledge and change management by leading authors.
    CI Report 
    Provides focused, organized information resources for competitive intelligence professionals.
    Competia Online Magazine 
    Publication on Competitive Intelligence and Analysis featuring professionals' wisdom and techniques, covering the essentials and details at every level.
    DM Review - Knowledge Management 
    Resource portal focusing on a specific aspect of the business intelligence and data warehousing industry.
    Dr. Martin Schindler 
    Professional working in the area of Knowledge Management in the consulting business, supporting companies from all over the world.
    A guide to Knowledge Management (KM) designed new and power users looking to expand their KM resources or understanding.
    Green Chameleon 
    Resource containing articles, journal notes, book and website reviews for knowledge management and the new economy.
    I3 Update 
    A monthly email newsletter on developments in the knowledge economy.
    An intelligent enterprise community promoting knowledge management for competitive advantage.
    Journal of Knowledge Management Practice 
    E-journal with free access & publishing for KM related articles
    KM Advantage 
    Resource serving the corporate knowledge management community with articles, calendar of events and training tools. 
    A online full-text book published by the Brint Institute. Offers articles on strategy and technology of knowledge-driven organizations. Also features a newsletter and FAQ.
    Web magazine promoting exchange of ideas on total knowledge management.
    Know Network 
    A Knowledge Management resource featuring news, summaries of trends, market research, surveys, diary and links.
    Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) 
    A quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by Springer-Verlag.
    Knowledge Management Magazine 
    Provides news and feature articles for the industry. Offers the table of contents from the current issue, as well as subscription information.
    Knowledge Management Magazine 
    E-zine for executives to leverage their organization's information and intellectual assets. Archive issues available from Oct 2001 back. The magazine is no longer published. See for the KM Communicator newsletter.
    Knowledge Management Magazine 
    A case study-based journal featuring articles on business applications. Offers archive, subscription details, links, and contact information.
    Knowledge Management Magazine 
    Study-based journal covering all aspects of intellectual capital and information management.
    Knowledge Management News 
    A free email newsletter and information repository focused on the disciplines of Knowledge Management.
    The Knowledge Management, Auditing and Mapping Magazine. KnowMap arose from the desire of practitioners, professionals and managers to learn about successful knowledge management practices and tools.
    Melcrum Online 
    Resource for knowledge management, strategic and organizational communication, provides articles by field experts, research findings, industry news and events.
    Step Two Designs: KM papers 
    A collection of vendor-neutral articles on practical knowledge management. Features articles on the benefits of content management within a KM framework.