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A Theory of Implicit and Explicit Knowledge 
An article on implicit knowledge, memory, cognitive development, visual perception, and artificial grammar learning written by Zoltan Dienes and Josef Perner. Published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences in 1999.
Bottom-Up Knowledge Capture 
Article describing a pragmatic approach to capturing and reusing organizational knowledge.
Elements within Knowledge Flow: EPSRC 
Brief article and flow chart that provides an introduction to the elements of knowledge flow and implications for research.
Knowledge Management: Recognition & Reward 
By Prabhu Guptara. Knowledge management is coming of age, but it is not a panacea. It cannot make up for poor products, and it depends thoroughly upon corporate culture.
KnowledgeConnect, LLC 
Confidential sharing forums in which member companies can learn and discuss validated methods that will help their companies achieve strategic and operational advantages.
KnowNet Initiative 
Uses and propagates ICT models for creating an open system for recognising, valuing, enriching and sharing of local knowledge, in parallel with human capacity building efforts. This will lead to a two-way process of people accessing information and k
Off the Charts 
IBM Consulting Group uses organizational network analysis tool, InFlow, to improve the functioning of their SAP project team by mapping the informal, shadow networks that lie behind the organizational charts.
Sense-Making Studies Site 
Sense-Making is an approach to thinking about and implementing communication research and practice and the design of communication-based systems and activities.